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K-Beaute Bleaching Whipped Cream

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Not your Ordinary Bleach.

Our product contains active ingredients that will help your skin rejuvenate and exfoliates all at the same time. It will give your skin deep radiance and moisture that other bleaching creams don't have. It is mild and delicate process of mixture makes sure that it is safe for your face and body.




- Treats and prevents acne

- Natural scent after every wash serves as insect repellant

- Dries up pimples

- Removes dirt and oily skin

- Anti-blemishes

- Anti-aging

- Removes dark spots

- Removes dead skin cells

- Minimizes wrinkles

- Radiant, soft, smooth and glowing skin

- Instant whitening effect if used continuously

 How to Use:

- Apply an ample amount on the desired area

- Rub it on your skin in a circular motion, if you are using it on your face you can apply it while doing face massage

- Do it for 1-2 mins

- Leave it on your skin for 15-30 mins

- Leave it longer as you desire

- Wash your body/face with soap

- Moisturize your skin with light lotion



- Use 2 to 3 times a week




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