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LANEIGE Lip Sleeping Mask - Kit of 4 Scented Minis

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The New Lip Sleeping Mask gently melts dead skin cells and makes the lips feel smooth and elastic during sleep.Experience smooth firming lip night care with the new lip sleeping pack, available in berry, grapefruit, apple lime, and vanilla scents.

The berry mix Complex™ with ingredients such as raspberry, strawberry, cranberry, blueberry, and gojiberry rich in vitamin C melts dead skin cells from the lips and makes the lips feel smooth and elastic.

Berry extracts rich in vitamin C and anti-oxidants act on dry, rough lips, making them smooth and supple. Laneige’s patented moisture technology puts active ingredients such as hydro ion mineral water, evening primrose root extract, and Hunza Apricot extract in the dense beta-glucan moisture film (network). It helps skin absorb the ingredients densely into skin during 8 hours of sleep.

👄Lip Sleeping Mask [Berry] Contains a pleasant, sweet berry scent
👄Lip Sleeping Mask [Grapefruit] Refreshing sweet scent of sugar-preserved grapefruit
👄Lip Sleeping Mask [Apple Lime] The scent of freshly harvested apple lime
👄Lip Sleeping Mask [Mint Choco] Fresh and sweet mint chocolate scent


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